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Renters First Ad-hoc Committee

Committee Chair Katie Emmert /

It is frustratingly common to hear stories of landlords violating housing codes, misleading potential and current tenants, and neglecting tenant concerns and property issues. While students continue to share their unnerving renting experiences and demands for quality, affordable housing, landowners prioritize profit and neglect community priorities and concerns. For this reason, the Renters First Ad-Hoc Committee surfaced and exists to educate student renters about tenant rights, responsibilities, and resources, increase awareness of the unaffordable, low-quality housing problem in Oakland, and advocate for policies/laws that improve the student-tenant experience. You can find the charter here.

The Renters First Ad-hoc meets at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday in WPU 848

Renting Resources

General Resources for Renters:

Point Parks Guide

Includes an extensive list of questions to ask yourself while renting and searching for housing

Tenant Rights - Housing Equality Center

An In-Depth 76-page manual on filling out rent applications and leases, what to look for when moving in, and handling renting problems.

Neighborhoods Legal Association’s Guides to Renting via

A 24-page guide to renting

Oakland Planning Development Corporation Student Renter Resources 

Community Organization in Oakland

Liz Gray | Neighborhood Quality Consultant 

Renting Assistance Resources

Pitt Reddit Housing, Renting, and Subletting Megathread

Student made list

For Renting and Lease Questions:

Trisha Margiotti (| Property Manager Liaison for Pitt Office of Off-Campus Living 
She can help with lease review or identifying housing but doesn’t offer legal advice.

For Legal Help:

Neighborhood Legal Services 
Legal advice and support for individuals with lower income
The Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations 
If you encounter and suspect housing discrimination
PA Bar online referral service: 
Lawyer Locator

For Accessing Food:

Pitt Food Pantry
Food Assistance Resources

Housing Crisis Resources:

Pitt also offers emergency on-campus housing for up to 3 days if people only need to escape a situation as quickly as possible.
Contact Trisha Margiotti at
General housing and food access questions. 
Will be redirected with the right resources