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Ad-Hoc Committees & Task Forces

Ad-Hoc Committees

Ad-Hoc Committees are typically created in situations where a task force does not apply but the Board is interested in exploring a new committee. These committees are typically lead by one or two board members and open to all students. Anyone who is interested in joining an ad-hoc committee is encouraged to email the chair of that committee.

Renters First Ad-hoc Committee

The Renters First Ad-Hoc Committee surfaced and exists to educate student renters about tenant rights, responsibilities, and resources, increase awareness of the unaffordable, low-quality housing problem in Oakland, and advocate for policies/laws that improve the student-tenant experience. 

For more information please see here.

The Disability Resources Ad-Hoc Committee

The Disability Resources Ad-Hoc Committee aims to advocate for the needs and common goals of students with disabilities at the University of Pittsburgh. This Committee will bring the attention of the general student body and University administration to the issues and challenges regarding accessibility, in areas including, but not limited to: academic affairs, dining, housing, transportation, and general compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. This Committee will work with University offices and departments to create solutions to address these issues and challenges.

For more information please email Vice President of Initiatives Katie Fitzpatrick at

Pitt Workers United Ad-Hoc Committee

The “Pitt Workers United” Ad-Hoc Committee aims to empower and uplift the voices of all workers at the University of Pittsburgh, Oakland campus, including but not limited to student workers and Resident Assistants. The “Pitt Workers United” Ad-Hoc Committee will accomplish this overarching goal through several means. First, the committee will meet with student and non-student workers at Pitt to determine what labor-related issues they face, and what actions can be taken by the Student Government Board to help solve them. This may include, but is not limited to, passing SGB resolutions, meeting with Pitt administrators, encouraging wage raises, and uplifting the work of union organizing efforts. Additionally, the committee will be a resource for students on campus to learn about their rights as workers, and what they can do to uplift labor organization efforts at Pitt and communities everywhere.

For more information please email Board Member Matt Jurich at

Students of Color in Solidarity Ad-Hoc Committee

The Students of Color in Solidarity (SOCS) Ad-Hoc Committee works to build a network amongst communities of color at the University of Pittsburgh. In this community, we hold a safe space for vulnerable, introspective, and meaningful conversations about our specifically underserved and underrepresented groups at Pitt. By openly discussing how we, as student leaders, can better support each other and promote sustainable collaboration amongst our groups, we will also work together to develop a more unified voice with which to approach the University for additional support. With acknowledging the specific needs of different communities, the ultimate goal of this ad-hoc committee is to build solidarity amongst students of color within the University, a primarily white institution, and promote a sustainable, collaborative community.


For more information please email Board Member Ashley White at

Dining RSA Committee

The mission of the Dining Ad-hoc Committee is to address and advocate for students’ dietary needs at the University of Pittsburgh. The committee is chartered by RSA and includes SGB and RA input.

For more information please email RA Isaac Anticole at


Task Forces

Task Forces are small teams that are assembled by the current Board. Each Task Force is comprised of students from within SGB as well as students outside of SGB. They are created to achieve a specific goal (or a few small but related goals) that are designated high priority and high collaboration tasks by the Board. Membership on a task force is by appointment, though anyone who is interested in joining a task force is encouraged to email the chair of that task force or the President of the Board.

Future Planning Task Force

The Student Government Board Future Planning Task Force shall deliberate on and recommend changes to SGB’s structure, policies, and procedures to update them to better and more efficiently achieve the goals of the organization. The Task Force shall also consider other policy related issues including, but not limited to, governance groups, formula groups, and SGB’s relationship with students not represented by the organization.

For more information please email Judicial Chair Jaydep Halder at

Single-Use Plastics Task Force

The Single-Use Plastics Task Force shall work to reduce and eliminate the use of single-use plastics at the University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Campus. The Task Force shall also work with the Office of Business, Hospitality and Auxiliary Services, Pitt Eats, and other organizations on campus to discourage the use of single-use plastics.


For more information please email Student Office of Sustainability Liaison Ana Rowley at