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Panther Statue


The 2023-2024 Student Government Board

The 2023-2024 Student Government Board standing with the Dean of Students, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, and Chancellor

"The Board governs the Student Government Board and serves as the elected undergraduate student representatives of the student body to the University community and outside organizations. We are so excited to serve in this role this year and can't wait to get to work promoting the welfare of the student body at all levels! Feel free to reach out to us at the link below or read more about this year's priorities lower on this page!" - Ryan Young, President


This Year's Priorities

  • Further ongoing efforts to eliminate sexual misconduct, support survivors, and advocate for improved Title IX and Student Conduct policy
    • Implement improved Title IX and survivor support training for student leaders
    • Create a new permanent Support, Advocacy, and Prevention Committee
  • Work to refresh SGB through the Student Government Board Future Planning Task Force
    • Improve governing and formula groups by updating policy and funding
    • Build connections with student governments at regional campuses
    • Continue refreshing the Assembly to better represent diverse groups¬†
    • Reorganize the Student Government Board to better work for students
  • Enhance and promote new services for student organizations
    • Advocate for the expansion of the availability of student storage space
    • Continue the development of outside bank accounts for student organizations
    • Improve the policies and procedures for new funds for student organizations
  • Advocate for the needs and common goals of students with disabilities through the Disability Resources Ad-Hoc Committee
  • Uplift the voices of student workers through the Pitt Workers United Ad-Hoc Committee
  • Improve off-campus living for students through the Renters First Task Force
  • Build connections amongst communities of color through the Students of Color in Solidarity Ad-Hoc Committee
  • Work with student health to better connect students with wellness resources
  • Create a Democracy Week to celebrate civic engagement in elections
  • Collaborate with the Allocations Committee to improve Allocations trainings for business managers and to update the Allocations manual