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Office Hours

Office Hours

We invite you to connect with any of our Board Members, Chairs, or Liaisons during their office hours! Please email the person you would like to meet with at least 24 hours in advance to set up a meeting or email Chief of Staff MJ Lerma at with any questions!

Board and Office of the President

Position Name Email Office Hours
President Ryan Young Monday 3pm-8pm, Wednesday 3pm-8pm, and Thursday 3pm-8pm
Vice President of Operations Sarah Siddiqui Monday 3pm-4:30pm, Tuesday 2:30pm-4pm and 6:30pm-8pm, Wednesday 3pm-4pm, Thursday 2:30pm-5pm, and Friday 1pm-3pm
Vice President of Initiatives Katie Fitzpatrick Monday 3pm-6pm, Tuesday 4pm-8pm, and Wednesday 3pm-6pm
Vice President of Policy Sarah Mayer Monday 10am-11:30am and 3pm-4:15pm, Tuesday 5pm-8:30pm, Wednesday 2pm-4:15pm, and Friday 2pm-3pm
Board Member Katie Emmert Monday 10am-11:50am, Tuesday 2:30pm-5pm, Wednesday 10am-11:50am, Thursday 2:30-6pm, and Friday 2:00pm-3:00pm
Board Member Olivia Rosati Tuesday 8;30am-11am and 6pm-8pm, Thursday 8:30am-11am, and Friday 3pm-6pm
Board Member Ashley White Monday 12:30pm-2pm, Tuesday 11am-1pm, Thursday 3:30pm-6pm, and Friday 1pm-3pm
Board Member Matt Jurich Monday 11am-11:35am; Monday 1:55pm-2:55pm; Monday 5-6pm; Tuesday 3-5:25pm; Wednesday 1:55-2:55pm; Wednesday 5-6pm; Friday 12:00pm-3:00pm
Board Member Braydan Issermoyer Monday 12:15pm-2:45pm, Tuesday 2:30pm-8pm, Wednesday 12:15pm-2:45pm
Chief of Staff MJ Lerma Monday 3pm-7pm, Wednesday 12:30pm-4:30pm, and Thursday 1pm-3pm
Communications Director Lauren Rubovitz Tuesday 2:30pm-5:30pm, Thursday 10:30am-12:30pm and 2:30pm-5:30pm, Friday 1:00pm-3:00pm

Committee Chairs and Liaisons

Position Name Email Office Hours
Allocations Chair Maddie McCann-Colvard Monday: 3:15-4:30 Tuesday: 1:45-3:30 Wednesday: 11:30-12:30 and 3:15-4:30 Thursday: 1:50-3:25 and 4:50-8:00
Judicial Chair Jaydep Halder Wednesdays, 8:00–9:00AM, 5:00–6:00PM
Fridays, 5:00–8:00PM
Elections Chair Abby Lowe Monday 4:30pm-6:30pm, Wednesday 11am-2pm
Academic Affairs Chair Grace Bohl Monday 10am-11am, Tuesday 2:30pm-4:30pm, and Wednesday 1pm-3pm
Community and Governmental Relations Chair Raafay Khan Monday 2pm-3:50pm, Tuesday 4pm-5:20pm, Wednesday 2pm-3:50pm
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair Randy Adongo Monday 1pm-4pm, Tuesday 11am-1pm
Facilities, Transportation, and Technology Chair Jade Shaibani Monday 6pm-8pm , Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 6pm-7pm
Support, Advocacy, and Prevention Chair Jade Chatman Monday 1-2:30, Tuesdays 4-5, Friday 10am-1pm
Wellness Chair Sanai Overton Tuesday 10:45am-12:15pm, Wednesday 12:10-1:40pm, Thursday 10:40am-11:30am and 1:05pm-2:15pm 
Student Office of Sustainability Liaison Ana Rowley Monday 11am-12pm, Tuesday 11am-12pm, and Thursday 12pm-1pm and 3pm-4pm
Civic Engagement Fellow Soumya Yadav Friday 9:50am-11:50am
Civic Engagement Fellow Selam Mekbeb-Gillett Friday 11:00am-12:30pm

Allocations Committee

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
Committee Chair Maddie McCann-Colvard Governance Groups Monday 3:20pm-5:15pm, Tuesday 1:50pm-3:25pm, Wednesday 3:20pm-5pm, and Thursday 1:50pm-3:25pm and 4:45pm-8:00pm
Committee Member Obinna Ibeku #-A Monday 11am-2:30pm, Friday 11am-12:30pm
Vice Chair of Engagement Lily Schneider B-Ch Monday 4:15-6 pm, Wednesday 8-9am 4:30-5:45pm, Friday 8-9am,
Vice Chair of Logistics Grace Wang Ci-D Thursday 2:30pm–5pm and Friday 9am–11:30am
Committee Member Ryan Odom E-F Monday 10am-12pm, Thursday 10am-12pm, and Friday 10am-12pm
Committee Member Colin Eccher G-I Monday 3:30pm-5pm, Wednesday 3:30pm-6pm, and Thursday 7pm-8pm
Committee Member Abi Naidich J-Me Tuesday 6pm-8pm, Wednesday 4pm-6pm, and Friday 9am-10am
Committee Member Aleksander Bearden Mi-O Monday 3pm-5:30pm and Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm
Committee Member Stephanie Yau P-Pitt Monday 3pm-5:30pm and Wednesday 3pm-5:30pm
Committee Member Nicole Zhang Pittsburgh-R Monday 6pm-7pm, Tuesday 12-2pm, and Wednesday 6-8pm
Committee Member Dominic Victoria S Tuesday 4pm-5pm and Thursday 4pm-8pm
Committee Member Tiffany Hom T Tuesday 4:30pm-7pm and Wednesday 12:30pm-3pm
Committee Member Kyra Quigley U-Z Wednesday 11am-2:30pm and Thursday 6:30pm-8pm