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What is the Allocations Committee?

We recognize that all student organizations on campus play a vital role in shaping the Pitt student experience. The purpose of the Allocations Committee is to provide financial assistance by equitably distributing a portion of the $3.5 million Student Activities Fund to student organizations in need. The Committee consists of 13 undergraduate liaisons responsible for the Allocations process. To contact your liaison for help with a request, see the bottom of this page.

Student Organizations may request money through supplemental requests reviewed each week by Sunday at 11:59pm. Only a limited number of requests may be heard each week, and submission by the deadline does not guarantee a hearing that week. However, the Allocations Committee will try to work with organizations to meet deadlines as appropriate. The Committee meets Thursday nights to hear short presentations from each group that submitted a request. For some requests, the Allocations Committee's decision is final; other requests, usually those over $2,000 and as determined by the Allocations Manual, are sent to the Board for further review at public meetings on Tuesday nights at 8:45 PM.

The Allocations supplemental request form has moved from Jotform to the ExperiencePitt platform! Please click the “supplemental request” link to visit ExperiencePitt to submit any requests. For more information about ExperiencePitt, including instructions for submission, see here or contact If you have any feedback for SGB about ExperiencePitt, please submit it here!

PLEASE NOTE: SGB has been experiencing an unprecedented high volume of Allocations requests in recent weeks. To allow an equitable distribution of funds to all organizations with our limited total budget, we will be strictly enforcing expectations of shared responsibility and will be heavily scrutinizing the cost/benefit analysis of every request. Generally, we look for a minimum of one dollar fundraised for every ten dollars we allocate, and expect to fund no more than around one hundred dollars per undergraduate student impacted by the request. Following these guidelines, SGB may only be able to partially fund requests that otherwise meet the specific requirements of the Allocations manual.  


Submit a Supplemental RequesT ON EXPERIENCEPITT

Spring Budgets

This year’s spring budget hearings will take place on April 4th. All budgets are due on March 31. As a reminder, Budgets are for long-term planning for student organizations and funding is for Fall Semester events. 

To submit a budget:

  1. Go to ExperiencePitt and Select Oakland Spring FY25 SGB Allocations Budget Requests. You will submit one of these forms for each of the events/budget items. 
  2. Then fill out the form called FY25 Allocations Budget Summary Sheet which will be an overview of your budget, this will have the event title and its corresponding number.
  3. Please remember to have accurate and complete documentation for all line items. 

If you would like to meet with your liaison or the Allocations Chair prior to submitting, please email them to set up a time!

Budget Submission - Summary sheet

The Allocations Committee 

The Allocations Committee is comprised of a chairperson and twelve liaisons, whose role is to assist student groups in their utilization of the Allocations Process. The Chairperson holds ten office hours per week, and each liaison holds five office hours per week, during which they are available to answer questions, help with requests, and clarify policies and procedures. We strongly encourage every organization to consult their liaison before putting in a request. Please see below for a list of liaison group assignments and office hours.

It is highly recommended that organizations meet with their liaison before submitting a request. Please email your liaison if you are planning to attend their office hours. If you have any issues with submission or have any questions please contact us at

Position Name Email Liaison Groups Office Hours
Committee Chair Governance Groups