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About Committees

Standing Committees

The three Standing Committees of the Student Government Board—Allocations, Judicial, and Elections—each play an important role in the operation of student government and the assurance of a system of checks and balances. Standing committees are the only committees within the Student Government that do not have open membership, meaning students must apply, interview, and be appointed to any of the three standing committees and may not sit on more than one or on the board concurrently. 

Conditional Committees

The six Conditional Committees of the Student Government Board—Academic Affairs, Community and Governmental Relations, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Facilities, Transportation, and Technology, Support, Advocacy, and Prevention, and Wellness—all work to further the initiative goals of the organizations. In order to encourage collaboration across special interest areas the chairs of each committee meet with the Vice President of Initiatives once a week for a Cabinet planning session. The Vice President of Initiatives is appointed by the president and is one of the eight elected board members.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is lead by the Communications Director and is a key part of the Office of the President. The committee is responsible for all external communications and marketing and assists the work of other parts of SGB to connect with our external partners.

First Year Council

The First Year Council (FYC) is a small group of First Year Students who demonstrate early potential for campus leadership. Interested students are encouraged to apply during their first semester at Pitt. Selected applicants will be interviewed and extended offers to join FYC. FYC is chaired by the Chief of Staff as well as the Vice President of Initiatives. Under their leadership, FYC learns and refines leadership skills such as public speaking, time management, and effective leadership. While developing their leadership skills, FYC members also join at least one of SGB’s Conditional Committees, where they immerse themselves in the work of the committee.

Student Office of Sustainability

The Student Office of Sustainability (SOOS) fosters environmental awareness throughout the Pitt community. The goal of the office is to support the potential of students to creatively revolutionize the way the Pitt community approaches environmental and social justice, and inspire conversations about building a sustainable future. The SOOS appoints an SGB liaison to sit on our cabinet to facilitate communication and collaboration between our organizations.