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First Year Council

What is First Year Council?

The First Year Council (FYC) is a small group of first-year and transfer students who demonstrate early potential for campus leadership. Interested students are encouraged to apply during their first semester at Pitt. Selected applicants will be interviewed and extended offers to join FYC.

FYC is chaired by the Chief of Staff and the Vice President of Initiatives serves as it's Board Liaison. Under their leadership, FYC learns and refines leadership skills such as public speaking, time management, and effective leadership. While developing their leadership skills, FYC members also join one of SGB’s Conditional Committees (Wellness; Support, Advocacy, and Prevention; Community & Governmental Relations; Facilities, Technology, & Transportation; and Academic Affairs), where they immerse themselves in the work of the committee.

A primary function of FYC is benchmarking – taking projects SGB would like to work on and performing research on how other Universities handle similar situations. FYC members frequently collaborate directly with the President and board members for ongoing projects. Members are also encouraged to pursue their own initiatives under the guidance of the Chief of Staff and Vice President of Initiatives.

Applications are now closed.

Other First Year Opportunities

The Allocations Committee reserves two spots for first-year students. Applications are now closed.

All students are welcome to join any of our open committees! Check out the Join page for more information.