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Maddie McCann-Colvard, Board Candidate (The Blank Slate)


Hi guys! My name is Maddie McCann-Colvard (She/Her), and I am running for a Board Member position in Student Government Board on The Blank Slate. I am very excited to be a candidate! I am currently a sophomore in the Business School majoring in Finance and I also plan on getting a minor in both Studio Arts and Economics and a Certificate in Leadership and Ethics. My freshman year I participated in Student Government Board (SGB) as a member of the Allocations Committee and this year I serve as the Allocations Chair. Through these positions, I was able to connect with the Pitt community and it showed me the different aspects of campus and their individual financial needs. While you can definitely catch me at any of the business buildings, some of my favorite spots on campus are Frick and Schenley Park. In my spare time, I am catching up on Suits and re-watching Gilmore Girls for like the eleventh time. I also love making art, some of my favorite mediums are watercolor, colored pencil, and graphite!

Outside of school, I hold E-Board positions in both Corporate Connections at Pitt Business (CCPB) and Omicron Delta Kappa (ODK). Being a part of the Business School has shown me the importance of networking and forming meaningful relationships with industry professionals. As a Board Member, I will work with the Career Center to promote relationships with our Alumni Network with the goal of increasing student exposure to professionals. I will do this by equipping students with tools for success in the workplace, regardless of if it is a corporate headquarters or the lab. Through the creation of CCPB, I have helped business students cultivate relationships with different professionals at companies in the Pittsburgh area such as BNY Mellon, Life Science Connect, and KPMG. Making these connections have really helped students be successful whether it be securing a summer internship, learning more about what it is like to work in that industry, or getting an entry level job. I have personally been able to leverage these skills to obtain an internship for this summer!

In addition to working with the Career Center, I will work with the Student Organization Resource Center (SORC) to help with the transition to the Experience Pitt Platform. Currently, I am working with them to facilitate the transfer of the Allocations Request Process and in the future, I would like for there to be a platform for student organizations to submit purchasing forms asynchronously. This will increase the accessibility for students to make purchases and streamline operations within SORC. I would also love to hear from the Pitt community about any of their current concerns with this new platform and how we can make it better. My main goal in serving the Pitt Community is to be someone who students feel they can express their concerns, be heard, and act. If you have any questions, please contact me at! Be sure to vote for The Blank Slate on February 27!