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Olivia Rosati

  • Board Member
  • Class of 2024
  • Political Science and International Studies Major
  • Sociology and LCJS Minor

Hi, I’m Olivia. I'm from New Jersey and love going to the beach, discovering new music, and video editing. On campus, I'm involved with Students Conquering Cold Cases and am a researcher with Pitt Cyber. I'm currently learning Italian in hopes of visiting my family that still live in the Puglia region of southern Italy after graduation. After traveling, I hope to start my career either in national security or a think tank in the DC area with the ultimate goal of returning to academia.

Which building on Pitt's campus would you be and why?

Posvar. I like bagels.

If you were chancellor of Pitt for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

Buy enough seating for the entire campus x2.

What is a question that is always on your mind?

What animal is Uniqua from The Backyardigans supposed to be?