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Mela Brown

  • Vice President of SOCS
  • Class of 2027
  • Political Science and Psychology Major

Hi Everyone! My name is Mela Brown and In super excited to be serving as the Vice Chair of SOCS this year! On campus, I'm an active member of Women and Law and I am a Pitt Pathfinder. After graduating, I will be attending law school to get J.D. and then hopefully focus in government or corporate law work. I love to read and spend time with my dog in my free time! :)

Which building on Pitt's campus would you be and why?

I feel like I would be the Starbucks in Amos Hall. There is always a lot going in there and the workers keep a really tight schedule to maintain order. I relate to this HEAVILY, also I am just a fiend for Starbuck's seasonal drinks.

If you were chancellor of Pitt for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

If I was chancellor of Pitt for a day I would enforce that the ice cream machines in the eatery would be open till minimum 1 AM every day. I feel like every time I'm like "wow i would love ice cream right now," I go and the machine is put away for the night. This is genuinely detrimental to my already unstable pre-law college student mental health and I feel like this needs rectified immediately.

What is a question that is always on your mind?

A question that's always on my mind is why people walk slow. This is a cross that I bear anytime i walk anywhere on campus. My legs are really long and i essentially sprint everywhere and for some reason, think everyone should move at my pace all the time. It's unrealistic but something I ponder often.