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Lauren Rubovitz

  • Communications Director
  • Class of 2026
  • Politics & Philosophy Major
  • Certificate in Sustainability

Hi! My name is Lauren Rubovitz, and I cannot wait to serve as this year's Communication Director! Outside of Student Government Board, I am a copy editor for Pitt's Policy & Political Review, in addition to studying politics, philosophy, and sustainability. In my free time, I see new movies with my AMC A-List membership!

Which building on Pitt's campus would you be and why?

Sutherland Hall -- classy, functional, far from a lot of people, cool (air-conditioned).

If you were chancellor of Pitt for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

Make laundry free in Pitt housing.

What is a question that is always on your mind?

What if everyone sees one color differently -- what we perceive as one color might appear totally differently to someone else.