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Grace Wang

  • Allocations Vice Chair of Logistics

Hi :) I’m Grace, and I will be serving as the Allocations Committee’s Vice Chair of Logistics! I am super excited to work with all of our campus’s student organizations this year, and can’t wait to see the amazing events they will bring to life. I am pre-med, and as such, there is a 99% chance I can be found at Hillman, my lab in Scaife, or Western Psychiatric (as an employee..) at any given moment. If you have a question about Allocations, need local food recs, or anything else, feel free to reach out and I will be happy to chat!


Which building on Pitt's campus would you be and why?

I would be Hillman Library because I live there

If you were chancellor of Pitt for a day, what is the first thing you would do?

I would postpone the construction on every building/road/corner of our campus to after my graduation 😀

What is a question that is always on your mind?

Why am I here just to suffer?